How to purchase CBG seedlings for the 2021 Season


Black Label CBG

Black Label CBG

Black Label CBG hails from a powerful lineage like the Frozen Whistler CBG. Black Label CBG has an extremely high CBG content nearing almost 20% and with virtually no detectable amounts of THC, Black Label can be harvested without the worry of regulatory compliance. It is known for its dense buds which make it a great high yield CBG hemp strain. It’s terpene profile hits you with rush of cyprus pine and subtle notes of black pepper and fresh flowers.

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Step 1:  Contact us to select your genetics and to reserve your spot in the nursery to have your seedlings germinated.


Step 2:  Select your planting time to fit your farm schedule. Germination and preparing your seedlings to field-readiness takes around 4 weeks.


Minimum hemp germination order 10,000 seedlings